Same-Day Transport

Our same-day transport service allows you to connect seamlessly to our network of experienced Truckers & Partners so that you eliminate any dropped shipments. Through our technology you can create a shipment in a few simple steps and get the vehicle type that you need.

Distribution Transport

Our technology allows you to create journeys under our distribution model. Journeys are shipments scheduled to cover a daily utilization of distance (km) and time (hrs) allowing for an efficient movement of goods between factory, warehouse, retail, all the way to your customer. Build your distribution network with Swyft Trucker network for wider reach, lower costs, and sustainable growth.

Refrigerated Transport

Our refrigerated transport service allows you to transport your goods in temperatures as low as -20 . Whatever your requirements are, we ensure the vehicle requested matches the capacity and the technical ability. All refrigeration/freezing units are pre-checked in order to guarantee quality and eliminate breakdowns.

E-Commerce Transport

With Swyft’s e-commerce solution, get the best service depending on your operational requirement. We can cater to first, middle, and last mile, covering all steps of the value chain. Our service allows you to organize shipments by daily rate, distance travelled, and even on a successful package delivery basis. Allow us to help you dispatch, track, and deliver your items right to your customer’s doorstep.

Order Management Integration

At times, creating synergy between systems is the best tool to reach optimum efficiency. With our order management integration, we allow your systems to integrate with ours in order to save time in your shipment creation process. While you focus on scaling your business and improving your platform, our integration service creates a seamless connection with automatic shipment creation and fulfillment.