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What we offer

Move Anything

Ability to move all sorts of stuff from one point to another.

Professional Service Providers

Instant access to 1000’s of professional drivers.

Diverse Fleet

Ability to choose from a wide range of trucks and vehicles.

For Individuals & Corporates

Use us for personal moves or for your business.

Why use swyft?

Pick up location

How it works

  1. Tell us where to go.
  2. Select the type of vehicle.
  3. Schedule your pick-up
  4. Relax and track your order

Our story

Swyft is a delivery and fleet management platform that connects youto an open network of professional truck drivers and third-party service providers.

Our easy to use platform allows you to arrange for a personal move,delivery, or schedule logistics services for your business.

Swyft is a great alternative to your conventional street-side trucker and loader offering higher quality service at very reasonable prices.